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Pat Kirk Angus

Quality Beef Cattle

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If you’ve found my page, that probably means you’re looking for calves that out perform in the beef industry.

The Pat Kirk Angus farm raises registered, Angus cattle with excellent marbling, confirmation, and taste. They are grass-fed during the summer and on non-GMO hay and silage in the winter. Plus, they are totally hormone-free, making them some of the best all-natural beef calves in central Iowa.


"Pat is a very good cattleman and he raises the best Registered Angus around. His meat is always prime."

- Mary

Pat Kirk doing Chores on His Quality Bee
Pat Kirk Angus Grass Fed Calves for Summ

Find The Quality You Want.

Angus Superiority 

Hormone Free

Non-GMO Fed

Are you interested in adding to your herd or supporting your cattle breeding stock with quality beef calves? Learn more about our registered Angus calves when you contact us.

Pat Kirk Angus _ Quality Beef Cattle _ L


Quality isn't expensive; it's priceless! The Pat Kirk Angus breeding stock includes award-winning sires like the bull Quality Event that was awarded at the Chicago Cattle Congress in 1953 and the bull Crugeranne of Donmerre 490 from the Denver Stock Show. Today, Pat caries on this herd legacy and line of high-quality Angus cattle by giving his herd Non-GMO feed, water from an underground aquifer, and care to the best of his abilities. There's nothing like this herd! With a heritage dating back to the 1930s and award-winning sires, the Pat Kirk Angus cattle produce some of the best registered Angus calves around. The herd's standard for quality is priceless.

To learn more, check out the herd's stats.

If you're looking for more heritage information and stories about Pat Kirk's Angus, check out our blog. You'll find fun stories, interesting facts, and historical details about this black Angus herd. You may even meet Jay, the best cattle dog in Iowa. Check out a few articles and let us know what you think!

Best Cattle Dog In Iowa - Pat Kirk Angus
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