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Committed to Growing Quality Angus Calves

Do you want to avoid calving and weaning but still end up with a superior Angus herd?
Let us do the work for you.

Pat Kirk Angus - Newborn Black Angus Cal

All in One Herd

Award-Winning Genetics

Additive-Free Raising

Excellent Weight-Gain Averages

Benefits of the Pat Kirk Angus Herd

The Pat Kirk calves have proven genetics for fast weight gain without added growth hormones, and the calves have a history of award-winning sires.

  • Closed herd dates to the 1930s with bulls occasionally added

  • High standard of care

  • Pure-bred Angus

  • Registered Angus

  • Herd sire, Quality Event, placed at the Chicago Beef Expo of 1953. He was valued at about $25,000.

  • Herd sire Crugeranne of Donmerre 490 from the Denver Stock Show is also a part of the herd's bloodline

  • Grass-fed during the warm months and placed on non-GMO hay and silage in the winter

  • Hormone-free

  • Antibiotic-free (with exception of sickness as needed for quality of life)

  • Watered from a mineral-rich undergrown aquifer

  • Current Angus Sire bloodlines include Pendleton, Payweight, Irish, Mandan, Double Vision, and Dateline

What Makes Cattle Angus _ Angus Cattle S
Pat Kirk Angus Grass Fed Calves for Summ

2022 Calves

Calving season is here!

Environment: All of the Back Angus calves are raised on the Pat Kirk Angus farm are fed exclusively non-GMO fodder including silage, hay, and green grass during the growing season. They drink from a mineral-rich, underground aquifer, receive no added growth hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics. (Antibiotics used as needed with sickness for quality of life.)


They are cared for to the best of our ability.

Lifestyle isn't the only reason these are supreme calves. They have great genetics.


Check out their genetics here: American Angus Association - Sire Summary Search Criteria (

Angus steers and heifers replacement quality: Many of the calves are replacement-quality heifers. If you live in Iowa, this year's calves would make excellent Angus replacement heifers for the growth of your own cattle operation. They are genetically stacked for success.

Grow your herd profit in another way with our naturally raised black Angus steers.


Are you interested in increasing your herd's good genetics? See how this year's Angus replacement heifers for sale in Iowa can increase your herd conversion rates, confirmation, and overall Angus herd metrics. You can see the quality of these calves on our gallery page.

Pat Kirk Angus Calves.png
Grazing Black Angus Cattle _ Pat Kirk Angus.png

About the 2021 Calves

  • 21 steer and 26 heifer calves were available

  • First calf born was March 18th with the majority born March through May

  • Sires included Payweight, Pendleton, Irish, Mandan, and Double Vision

  • All of the heifers were Angus replacement quality

Beef Angus Cattle | Pat Kirk Angus.jpg

About the 2020 Calves

  • 50 calves were available

  • Calved from the 3rd week in March till the first part of May

  • Birth Weights averaged about 80 lbs per calf

  • Weaned November 1st

  • No wean weight

  • Weighed 500-600 lbs on November 8th

  • Green tag immunized at the end of November

  • Calves were ready to find new homes at the turn of the year

  • High-quality breeding stock opportunities as always

Pat Kirk Angus - Baby Angus Calves for S

Less Work for You

The work of calving will be done.

The calves will be weaned.

And the foundation for a healthy, natural beef yield will be handed over to you for the next steps of Angus cattle raising.

Pat Kirk Angus - Spring Calving Season i
Pat Kirk Angus Sire | Quality Angus Beef Calves for Sale in Iowa.png

Partner with Us

Would you consider partnering with us?

Pat Kirk Angus is looking to partner with an operation that will continue the clean care that the calves have received in their first half of life. The Angus cattle finisher would not have to do the work that calving, weaning, and growing seasons bring, but would be given premium Angus calves to work with for improved final-product, beef sales.

Interested in avoiding that first load of work, wanting to start the growing season with well-established clean beef calves, or both? Give us a call!

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