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Cattle people really are some of the nicest people to work with.

It was a whole new world.

Pat and his assistant had to learn who would be interested in Pat’s high-quality calves, then they would have to know how to let these people know about the calves.

The best way to do this? Talk to the ones closet to the beef.

Pat and his assistant spoke with cattle farmers, whole food grocery stores, and cattle organizations, and were impressed to find so many people who were willing to share experience and knowledge about beef and cattle marketing.

Cattle people really are some of the nicest people to work with.

Doctor Megan was one of these people.

Doc. Megan, a veterinary from Iowa State, came out to the farm one beautiful day in October. Understandably, Pat and his assistant had many questions for her.

“So Doc., what do you think would be the best way for us to go with the calves? I mean, have you had much experience selling this type of thing?” Pat asked.

“Sure! With the type of superior Angus you have, I’ve seen…” the young veterinary began to share.

Doc. Megan was more than helpful.

She explained how cattle farmers used digital animal auctions to market their herds and what beef finishers were looking for. She also explained what Pat could consider doing with his Angus herd to get them ready for sale.

One of the most interesting things the vet explained to Pat’s inexperienced assistant was how hormone treatment alters cattle.

Did you know that using hormone treatments on cattle can double their meat production? Pat’s assistant was new to the world of cattle farming and stood a little shocked and confused at this statement.

“Yep,” the veterinary said, “hormone treatments cause the cows to reverse the order of adipose tissue to muscle in cattle. Essentially, this causes cattle to put on muscle where they would have naturally grown fat. It speeds up the growing process and increases beef yield at the same time.”

So why doesn’t Pat use some of these super steroids? To answer that question, short and simple, they aren’t natural nor original.

Pat Kirk Angus is committed growing clean-beef Angus calves for like-mined cattle finishers – even if that means taking a harder road.

After discussing the Pat Kirk Angus venture into niche marketing, Pat and his assistant had ideas for what needed to be done next.

Thank you Doc. Megan.

And… last, but not least – photo shoot time!

Against a backdrop of majestic oaks and happily feeding cattle, Pat, Doc. Megan, and Jay (Pat’s faithful cattle dog) posed for a photo shoot. These would be the first pictures to go on the newly built Pat Kirk Angus website.

Check out gallery to see some of the pictures!

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