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The Creator of My Cattle was Born in a Barn!

The Creator of my cattle was born in a barn?

- Christ, who spoke this herd’s great, great, great, great… ancestor into creation

- God, who continues to create one healthy Angus animal after another

- Jesus, who gave them their black hides, their thick marbling, their quality features

- The Lord, who blesses Pat Kirk with resources to care for his herd

… This is the One who was born in a barn?

As bazaar as that sounds, it’s right on. The Creator of Pat Kirk’s Angus herd WAS born in a barn.

Imagine what the animals were thinking that Christmas night:

“Candy Goose, did you see the little Human in my feed trough?” Bessie Cow said to the goose, “He’s so cute! Poor thing, there wasn’t room for Him in the inn. I’d sure be proud to share my straw with Him, as long as He needs it.”

“I’ll say!” squawked back Candy Goose. “And, did you hear what Shawn the Sheep saw tonight? It sounded like a bright flock of angles. They told him that he would find this little one right here in our food trough. They said this little Guy is Christ the Lord. Bessie, I think we are sharing our house with a heavenly King!”


It must have been an interesting night for them.

As the cattle, sheep, donkeys, and maybe even a few barn cats oo-ed and aw-ed over Baby Jesus, the shepherds began to spread the good news throughout the streets.

All who heard were amazed.

This leaves us with a question: why would the Creator of the Pat Kirk Angus want to be born in a barn? The cattle back then couldn’t have been that much different from these cows – plain messy. As majestic as bovine are, their living quarters definitely aren’t nursery making material, but yet the barn is where Christ was born.

The animals didn’t mind sharing.

Think about it, from the manger to the cross, animals have been used in God’s plan.

- At birth, Christ was laid in an animal, feeding through

- At the end of His stay on earth, Christ was carried through the streets by a donkey


Jesus chose to be born with us, not above us in a fancy palace or too far from us in an exalted place. He deserved to be treated like a king, but was to be born in humility and meekness with us “normal” people.

Truly, His name is Immanuel: “God with us”.

“And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn,” Luke 2:7.

Merry Christmas from Pat Kirk Angus!

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